June 21, 2021

About Our Company

We are Experts in Marketing.

Profound Communications, Inc. was founded to fulfill a need to help businesses of all sizes with their marketing and business development objectives. When we began working with clients it was to provide simple services such as newsletters, direct mail pieces, postcards, and other casual and sophisticated marketing solutions. These first clients were served well in that they could not have deemed it prudent to hire the extra staff to complete this work, yet they found Profound to be an excellent and affordable alternative to use if and when they needed it.

Over the years, Profound has strategically grown to work with larger clients and has introduced many innovative products and services to help their credit union clients. They have found that the level of sophistication and detail these credit unions demand has helped "raise the bar" for the company and everyone they serve. It is their mission to help their clients operate profitably.

What Makes Profound Different

Profound Communications is committed to providing the highest level of expertise and client service. We are dedicated to delivering marketing services in the most cost-effective manner possible. Our goal is to focus on marketing strategies that are low cost - high impact.

Experience counts.
We've been coming up with big ideas and will be around for quite a long time hereafter. Our team has helped create some of the first "Relationship Pricing" programs in financial institutions, implement numerous name and logo changes, and develop successful means to penetrate and increase customer/member usage.

We were also the first to create an online forum for financial professionals to exchange ideas and better practices in a cooperative atmosphere. Everyday we come to work and apply our know-how and fresh creativity to today's important innovations.

What this means is we might already know a lot about your operations, technology, products and markets, and how to talk to your customers/members, trade and distribution. So it won't take us long to become full-speed about your organization, —developing proven strategies and tactics quicker than you'd expect, producing creative strategies that are right on the mark, right away.

You can't buy that kind of experience and expertise, but you can hire it, by hiring us.

We practically invented integrated communications.
Integrated communications is not a new concept to us. It has been our business. When you choose us, you can expect a consistent, coordinated look and brand message across all your communications, from collateral to print media to interactive. Hire us to handle your communications and save the time, money and hassle of coordinating multiple vendor specialists, and trust us with your varied projects or integrated campaign. You'll get the accuracy and responsiveness only a single source can deliver.

We're flexible.
We work how you want us to work. As a full-service communications partner, developing strategies and creative for integrated campaigns, or as a creative arm of your own marketing department, concentrating on the execution of single tactics. This flexibility means we adapt to the way you work, not the other way around.

We're return on investment fanatics.
We measure, measure, measure and then measure some more. Return on investment is quite important to us because it’s the only true gauge to determine if our work is profitable for you. We demand high performance for our work and encourage our clients to think about marketing from a cost spent versus profit-gained perspective. Return on investment not only lets us "talk the talk," but also "walk the walk." You deserve it. After all, that is what makes us different from our competitors.

We understand your financials and know how marketing can make an impact in your company’s financial performance.

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