June 21, 2021
Client Testimonials

Here's what our clients have to say about Profound Communications.


"Bravo! Halleluiah! Yeah Baby! Totally Awesome! All that and more. It's finally done and done "right"! Thanks to all for your patience, tolerance, diligence and most of all, for your contributions in taking this key member information piece from "acceptable" to "exceptional."
- Dan St.Hilaire, CEO Northern Federal Credit Union

"Thank you to the ladies at Profound for providing this valuable information and feedback (Experience Audit). It has had a "profound" impact on the entire Sales and Services Management team, the way in which we conduct ourselves, our action plans for the team, our one-on-one coaching, team meetings, etc., etc... and the continuous follow-up/check-up on our levels of service to each and every member."
- Donna Stenoski, AVP of Sales & Service Northern Federal Credit Union

"The unique partnership we enjoy with Profound has raised our marketing game to a whole new level. From conceptual design and planning to execution and post campaign analysis, the smart professionals of Profound have what it takes to get the job done right and on time. More than just another outsourcer, they take the time necessary to get to know the intricacies of your business and provide you with the comprehensive, custom solutions you deserve."
- Dan St.Hilaire, CEO Northern Federal Credit Union

“Working with Profound is a great thing and I’m glad we did it. I’m extremely pleased with our clunk project. We are hitting 33% response. I’m hard pressed to come close to that in my normal calling efforts.”
Pat Meyer, Grandview Branch Manager for The Arlington Bank

"The group at Profound Communications was instrumental in helping us plan and execute our recent name change from Ormet Credit Union to Ohio Valley Community Credit Union. Their knowledge of the industry was a real plus in this transition."
- Deanna Meyer, CEO Ohio Valley Community Credit Union (formerly Ormet Credit Union)

"We really enjoyed working with Profound during the recent transition and renaming of our credit union from Ormet Credit Union to Ohio Valley Community Credit Union. Their in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the credit union helped us identify all of the areas we needed to focus on during this hectic time."
- Robyn McGuire, Member Services Manager, Ohio Valley Community Credit Union (formerly Ormet Credit Union)


"I really enjoy working with the team at Profound on our newsletter because even if someone goes on vacation, I can rest assure that my newsletter will go out on time."
- Elaine Evans, Marion Community Credit Union


"Profound’s marketing department has provided Members First Credit Union with an invaluable service. As all credit unions want to be, we are ever so careful with the dollars we spend on marketing-related activities. Profound provides us with a full-year’s marketing plan, which is targeted to grow our loan portfolio and enhance the value we give our members- they even execute it every step of the way. I have come to rely on them for advice on everything from advertising to analyzing the best way to meet our bottom-line."
- Greg Kidwell, CEO Members First Credit Union


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