June 21, 2021

Profound Communications’ Best Practices

Advice You Can Use Immediately

Current Tip

When a company first begins exploring their options with a marketing campaign, we caution our clients against using these tools as first steps:

  • Radio advertising
  • TV advertising
  • Newspaper advertising

These tools can be effective, but they can also be:

  • Expensive offering less than desired results
  • Directed at an undefined target market
  • Difficult to measure return on investment
  • Require more resources than a company is willing to dedicate to the promotion

Profound suggests using a more targeted approach.

  • First, determine the demographics of your company and/or the product you wish to promote (i.e. the age group who uses your services, families, home owners, certain income range, etc)
  • Second, use this knowledge to purchase a mailing list including only those demographics
  • Third, design a direct mail piece to promote your product and/or company.

Visit our Case Studies section to see how we have used this approach with great success!

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