June 21, 2021

Industry Resources

Helpful References You Can Use

Below is a list of Web sites Profound Communications utilizes to gain insights on innovations, best business practices and compliance and regulatory information in the industry. We hope that you find these to be useful as well. As Profound finds new links that we feel will serve our clients well, we will add them to the list, so please check back often.

National Credit Union Association- www.ncua.gov - is the independent federal agency that charters and supervises federal credit unions. This site offers legal and regulatory standards for credit unions and serves as a resource for the most recent governmental decisions concerning credit union.

Credit Union National Association- www.cuna.org - is a national trade association serving America's credit unions. This not-for-profit trade group is governed by volunteer directors who are elected by their credit union peers. This site offers links to the state leagues and also offers information on regulatory, compliance and governmental affairs concerning credit unions.

Profound Communications’ Best Practices- This page offers quick tips to enhance your marketing and public relations presence. Click here to check out this month’s innovative idea.

Alliance One - www.allianceone.coop - is a nationwide network of free ATMs. This partnership allows credit union members to access their accounts across the country without paying an extra charge.

Excess Share Insurance - www.excessshare.com - is a savings insurance program for credit unions. Excess Share Insurance provides supplemental insurance for accountholders whose balances exceed the federal insurance limit of $100,000.

American Bankers Association- www.aba.com - represents banks of all sizes on issues of national importance for financial institutions and their customers. The ABA, founded in 1875, brings together all categories of banking institutions, including community, regional and money center banks and holding companies, as well as savings associations, trust companies and savings banks.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation- www.fdic.org- insures deposits and promotes safe and sound banking practices, including work of Advisory Committee on Banking Policy. This site is a resource for questions regarding the regulatory and compliance issues for the banking industry.

National Endowment for Financial Education - www.nefe.org - is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Americans take control of their finances. NEFE partners with financial institutions to educate the public about financial issues.

National Foundation for Consumer Credit - www.nfcc.org - is the nation's largest non-profit credit counseling network. The foundation promotes financial education and wellness and provides debt reduction services and credit counseling.

America's Credit Unions - www.creditunion.coop - is a national brand-marketing strategy for credit unions across the country. The strategy, part of the Credit Union National Association, focuses on promoting brand awareness and loyalty among consumers.

The Direct Marketing Association- www.the-dma.org - has been representing direct marketing since 1917. Information is available here no matter what a marketer's size or type of market or media, they are here to help members achieve bottom line success and satisfied customers. Find out more about them and new industry ideas by following this link.

The Public Relations Society of America- www.prsa.org - is the world’s largest professional organization for public relations practitioners. This site enables you to stay ahead of the latest trends and brings information sources right to your desk.

The American Marketing Association- www.ama.org - offers a wide array of newly expanded information including research, case studies and best practices in marketing.

Business Marketing Association- www.marketing.org - recognizes that as a business marketer or communicator, your needs are distinct from those of the consumer marketing environment. Visit this site for insight on business-to-business marketing information and resources, attracting the best practitioners and promoting the best practices in the industry.

Credit Union Times- www.cutimes.com - offers a daily independent report on credit unions.

The Credit Union Journal- www.cujournal.com - offers a daily report of news affecting the credit union industry.

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