June 21, 2021

If your marketing message isn't getting the results you expected, you may need to make sure potential clients can take you up on your offer:

  • What kind of experience do prospects have when they call your office or visit your website for more information about products and services?
  • Do they get the information they request?
  • Can they enroll easily online or by phone?
  • Do your employees ask for the sale?

If you're like most financial institutions, you know a lot about your customer experience. With our Prospective Client Experience Audit, you can measure the quality of interactions with potential customers and tap into a vast, profitable market of time-starved people who are too busy to stop by a branch during regular business hours.

Find out what kind of first impression your organization makes by phone and online service channels to:

  • Test response time and accuracy on requests for information via e-mail and website forms.
  • Assess phone interactions with prospective clients.
  • Confirm that your employees ask for the sale.
  • Evaluate messages left for prospects via e-mail and voice mail.
  • Review offers made to various potential clients based on their perceived needs.
  • Measure their experience when responding to a specific marketing offer or making a general inquiry.
  • Gauge the quantity and quality of follow-up interactions.   

Our audits include a written analysis and conclude with a phone conference debriefing to you and your management team to provide specific recommendations on how to improve your prospective client experience with a prompt and consistent full-service response.

Here's what clients say about our Prospective Client Experience Audit.

  • From a CEO:

    "We are much better prepared today than we were a year ago."

  • From a manager:

    "Without these shops, we just wouldn't know. I think this information is priceless."

  • From a customer/member service rep:

    "This information is very helpful in my coaching, and I’m learning as well."

Before you launch your next marketing campaign, find out how to turn lost opportunities into new clients!
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Special Offer
Our Guarantee: You won’t pay if you’re already there!
We'll entirely refund our fee if your first audit fails to identify any Level One Critical Deficiencies requiring action within your financial institution.

First Audit: $399
Audits 2-5: $359
Audits 6-10: $329
Audits 11-20: $299
21 or more audits: Please Contact Us for Special Quantity Pricing

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