June 21, 2021

New Member Matrix Program FAQ

Q: How many letters are there for me to select for any program?

A: You may hand select up to six different letters for your New Member Matrix Program.

Q: How quickly can I get started?

A: It takes 20-30 days to completely setup your program. During this time, we will design and finalize your letters as well as test your initial New Member Matrix list data.

Q: How will I track what letters went to each member, each month?

A: After running your new member data through the matrix program each month, Profound will supply you with a list of the members receiving each letter.

Q: What happens when a member opens one of the products or services from the New Member Matrix Program?

A: Along with your monthly additions of new members, Profound Communications requests updates for members currently on the matrix. For example, using the sequence sample provided, if Betty Lee opened a credit card after month 3 we would update her information in the Matrix. Instead of receiving the credit card letter in month 6, she would be removed from the program in month 6.

Q: What happens is a member closes an account and/or closes their membership entirely?

A: Just as we do for new products and services added by members, Profound Communications will also request updates for any member that closes their accounts. Once a member closes their membership, they are automatically excluded from our next data run.

Q: How is the New Member Matrix letter order determine?

A: Your personal account representative will work with you to determine the best order for your product and services letters.

Q: May I change my letter choices during the New Member Matrix?

A: Because of the repetitive nature of the New Member Matrix it is recommended that you continue with your original letter choices. If you decide you want to change the letters, we recommend starting a new matrix. The members currently in your old Matrix would complete the program with your original letter choices. Any new members added after the new Matrix is created would receive your new selection of letters.

Q: Can I do different letters for different age segments?

A: Yes. In order to do different letters for different age segments, Profound would create a Matrix for each age segment. For example, you may want to send the Checking, Auto Loan, E-Statements, General Loan, Mortgage and Online Services letters to your members ages 18-45. You may want to swap the General Loan and the Mortgage Loan Letters for the Home Equity and IRA letters for your members ages 46 and older. Profound would simply maintain two Matrix files for your credit union.

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