June 21, 2021

SEG Portal & Ambassador Program

Need to Develop Your SEG Relationships?

Increasing your SEG membership penetration is key to building your credit union's membership. The SEG Portal and Ambassador Program allows your current members to become advocates for your credit union.

First-person recommendations from trusted co-workers and friends is an outstanding word-of-mouth marketing strategy that is sure to help build your SEG relationships.

Plus, this program is completely turnkey for your credit union. Profound will provide complete guidance to develop your ambassador program and launch your SEG portal.

Profound Communications offers a variety of SEG Ambassador & Portal Packages ranging from the basic package program to a fully integrated program with several enhanced features.

To learn more, review the packages below and complete the information request form or give us a call at: 440.941.7779

SEG Ambassador & Portal Packages

All portal packages include five hours of program consulting and access to the exclusive SEG ambassador program handbook.

Basic Package - as low as $6999

  • Portal homepage with credit union news, events, ambassador of the month and specials.
  • Secure password logins for each ambassador
  • Pages listing tasks ambassadors can complete and the rewards they can earn
  • Forms to allow ambassadors to submit their tasks and request rewards
  • Ambassador Statement page showing the available points for each ambassador
  • Portal administration site which allows your team to manage your ambassadors, review the tasks ambassadors have completed, assign ambassador points and more

Deluxe Package - as low as $7499

The deluxe package includes all of the features of the basic package, plus the following additional features:

  • Ambassador profile pages
  • Calendar of Credit Union events
  • Graphic web button for the client's website
  • Tasks and request rewards forms will include automatic calculators to show ambassadors how many points they've earned and how many more they need to reach the next rewards level.

Supreme Package - as low as $7999

The supreme packages include all of the features of the basic and deluxe packages, plus the following additional features:

  • Built-in site editing module to allow your team to easily update the portal
  • Ambassador Blog to allow ambassadors to share their strategies for building more business for the credit union and their successes
  • An additional form to allow ambassadors to request credit union marketing materials to share with their fellow employees


YES! I'd like to start building my SEG Relationships!

For more information about the SEG Ambassador Program and SEG Portal, please complete the form below or give us a call at 440.941.7779.

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